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MIUI v5 is now available for the HTC One as a custom ROM

MIUI is one of the most famous Android launchers out there and now it’s available for HTC One users as an easy to flash ROM.

Based on AOSP version of Android 4.2.2 via a fork of the CyanogenMod ROM, the MIUI v5 for HTC One is reported as a pretty stable replacement of the Sense UI experience that the stock HTC One provides. Many owners say it’s much prettier, too.

As with any custom ROM out there, there are some bugs to be expected. NFC might not be working, as it isn’t properly tested, while mobile signal strength isn’t in perfect shape. Bluetooth is also reported to be a bit wonky, but that’s due to the CyanogenMod foundation of the ROM.

Anyway, the overall performance of the custom ROM is reported to be great. You can follow the source link for more information on any glitches the ROM might have and to download it for your ROM flashing pleasure.



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