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Microsoft’s latest Scroogled video targets the Chromebook

After putting up a slew of videos slamming Google and actually selling merchandise on the store with the Scroogled logo on it, Microsoft is back with another video, this time making the Google Chromebook the target of their mockery.

This video actually features reality TV show personalities Rick Harrison and his father Richard Harrison from the show ‘Pawn Stars’. If you haven’t seen the show, it’s about this family who runs a pawn store where people come to sell strange and exotic items. The show is actually pretty decent, but I digress.

In this video, a girl who got a Chromebook as a gift comes to the store to sell it to get enough money for a ticket to Hollywood, at which point she’s told that she won’t get enough money for it as the Chromebook is “not a real laptop” because it does not run Windows and Office.

Now there is some truth to this video as Chromebooks aren’t particularly useful without an Internet connection. But to say that without an internet connection it is a brick comes across as FUD. And there’s also the eventual Microsoft argument that Google is using all your data to sell you ads and that Chromebook makes it easier.

Google is yet to partake in this mudslinging competition but they don’t really have to. If anything, these videos show that Microsoft feels severely threatened by Google and at this point is willing to go to any lengths to attract attention to itself.


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