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Microsoft sells 40 million Windows 8 licenses a month after the launch of the OS

At the end of October, Microsoft officially launched the Windows 8 operating system and now, a month later, the company reports it has already sold 40 million licenses.

An impressive achievement for the guys at Redmond, indeed. In comparison, there were 60 million Windows 7 licenses sold in the first 10 weeks after its launch at the end of 2009.

The news was announced by the finance and marketing chief of Windows, Tami Reller, who didn’t detail how much of the 40 million Windows 8 licenses were upgrades or came as a part of a new PC or notebook. However, he outlined that “Windows 8 upgrade momentum is outpacing that of Windows 7″.

Mr. Reller hasn’t disclosed any interesting statistics on how the Windows 8 RT piece of the Windows 8 ecosystem is doing in its first month and more specifically the Microsoft Surface tablet.

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