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Microsoft releases SkyDrive app for Xbox 360, over 39 other titles to follow

The official SkyDrive app for the Xbox 360 launches today as part of a 40-app suite specially designed for Microsoft’s gaming console.

The current version of the app does what you’d expect – bridging the gap between your TV and the cloud. SkyDrive for Xbox 360 will allow you to watch photos, videos and slideshows directly from your SkyDrive account on your TV.

Additionally, you can stream photos just taken with your Windows Phone right on the TV thanks to SkyDrive’s automatic sync feature.

The Redmond guys even made a promo trailer of the SkyDrive Xbox app showcasing some of its features. Check it out.

So what the other 39 apps then? They won’t be launching immediately, but rather gradually roll out until the Spring of next year. Some of the more interesting titles include Napster (launching for the UK and Germany) and Deezer for the Xbox Live-supporting regions.

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