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Microsoft asks developers to keep the Marketplace tight, tells them how

Microsoft are striving to keep their Windows Phone Marketplace neat and tidy, and have spoken out to developers about how to make sure their apps are as accurately described as possible.

Doing so, Microsoft hopes the Marketplace will become a better place for finding what you need without getting bombarded by spammy apps. And to achieve this, the company’s own Todd Brix has pointed out four key areas where the Marketplace needs improving.

Trademark issues are the first thing developers ought to avoid. Using words like “MSN” or “YouTube” should be omitted if they don’t describe the app. Also, using popular keywords like “Justin Bieber” and “YouTube” just to get hits is a complete no-no. In fact, if Microsoft detects that an app is ill-described and simply uses irrelevant keywords to bump itself in the search results, they won’t hesitate to fix them.

Apps which are similar to already existing ones should also sport unique icons. This will not only help users in their search, but will also keep the quality bar high for the Marketplace.

Lastly, Microsoft turns the developers’ attention towards the treatment of sexual and “racy” apps. The company will allow swimsuit apps and “content you occasionally see on prime-time TV”, but will keep its eyes wide open for apps that have insulting titles, keywords and icons. If such are found, they’ll be made “more subtle and modest”.

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