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HERE Maps crosses the 3 million mark in Play Store downloads

After it was unleashed from Windows Phone exclusivity, the HERE Maps app has shaped up to be on a steady rise in the Google Play Store. Less than a month ago, the app was at the 1 million milestone, and today 3 million downloads have been reached.

HERE Maps’ main selling point has always been its support for offline navigation. Currently the database spans 118 countries the world over, and turn-by-turn voice navigation is available in multiple languages.

True, Google maps offers an offline feature, but its implementation is somewhat inconvenient and limited. HERE’s take is simpler, relying on downloaded maps of entire countries and letting the user access the search feature without a data connection. Naturally, having an internet connection brings in extra capabilities, including satellite imagery and real-time traffic updates.

The number of downloads of the app may appear dwarfed by Google Maps’ over a billion, but it has to be kept in mind that nearly every Android smartphone comes with that preinstalled. HERE, on the other hand, is an optional download, that’s been on the store for a mere couple of months.

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