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LG tries to one up the Samsung Galaxy S4 billboards over at Times Square in New York

Samsung has installed multiple Galaxy S4 billboards all over Times Square in New York, teasing tonight’s announcement. It’s not a big surprise that the competition would try to steal some of the spotlights. It is LG in this case, advertizing on the electronic billboard positioned right above Samsung’s regular vinyl one.

And LG has created an almost exact copy of Samsung’s S4 billboard, but only to advertize their flagship Optimus G. Of course, they are not just copying the style of Samsung’s ads, you have got to appreciate the humor involved in their move, too.

And since the Optimus G lacks a 4 in its name, LG went for an nontraditional spelling to include the 4 in their slogan “LG Optimus G is here 4 you now!”

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