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LG Optimus Black poses for a UI demo, boasts some fancy gestures, too [VIDEO]

Ah, the LG Optimus Black. It’s a sexy looking device with a sleek slim body and features the brand new NOVA display, which we recently reviewed.

While our review is in the works, we’ve prepared a couple of videos just to whet your appetite a little. Here’s the UI demonstration first.

Just like the Optimus 2X, the Optimus Black supports gestures, too. Only this time you have a modifier key to activate them. Pressing the dedicated “G” button on the left side of the device unlocks a dark chest full of options on how to control the device. A video is worth a thousand words as they say (or sortof).

It’s pretty neat, isn’t it? Have just a little more patience until we get the review out of the oven for you.


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