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Lenovo prepares to launch a 10.1-inch Tegra 3 tablet with Ice Cream Sandwich by the end of the year

CES 2012? Psh, Lenovo is better than that apparently, as reportedly, they are going to launch an Ice Cream Sandwich running Tegra 3 tablet by the end of the year.

According to a tipster who sent a bunch of live photos of the said slate to Engadget, the device packs some serious horsepower under the hood. For starters, we mysterious Lenovo tablet will have the brand new quad-core Tegra 3 SoC bundled with not one, but two gigabytes of 1,600 MHz DDR3 RAM.

There’s also a camera on the back with LED flash, however its resolution is still unknown. What many will find handy, though, is the full-size USB port on the side. And if that isn’t enough, the tablet has its own fingerprint scanner, which also plays the role of an optical joystick at the back.

The upcoming Lenovo tablet also features something called “Fusion-Skin body”, but we are yet to find out what exactly that is.



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