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Lenovo getting ready to enter the US and EU smartphone markets within a year

Lenovo slowly but surely shows its potential of becoming a respectable smartphone maker (the K900 being its latest and greatest Android smartphone), but outside of China, its smartphones are only available in India, Indonesia and Russia.

The company’s CEO Yang Yanqing however, has expressed in an interview that his company is looking into expanding its reach to Europe and the United States. He expects Lenovo to enter those markets within 12 months, as the company’s profits have increased in recent years.

Lenovo penetrated the Chinese smartphone market much later (Q2, 2012) than Huawei and ZTE, but has managed to outpace them both and has achieved a market share of 11%, being second only to Samsung’s 17.4%, notes Yanging.

Lenovo employed the American basketball star Kobe Bryant for the ad campaign of the Lenovo K900 in China. This may as well be a strong hint Lenovo has had one eye on the lucrative US market since the beginning.

It’s not known whether any current Lenovo smartphone will make it to Europe and the United States, but we guess the company will let its fans know its extended plans sooner rather than later.

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