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Apple iPhone 6 Plus faces liquid nitrogen and a sledgehammer

Destroying stuff is cool, especially when done with a creative flair. Too bad for the iPhone 6 Plus that it gets to star in most of them nowadays. The latest batch of videos is done by a popular YouTuber, who specializes in obliterating most of the hot tech to have come in the past couple of years.

The latest efforts of RatedRR focus on the iPhone 6 Plus and include five videos (one more is on the way) showcasing how Apple’s biggest smartphone to date can take a beating. Our personal favorite stars liquid nitrogen and a sledgehammer.

Here it is.

The next one includes a blender.

The well-known drop test is here as well, but this time done at 35,000 FPS.

Shot with a 50 Cal rifle? Check.

And finally, things get hot when the iPhone 6 Plus meets a thermite.

So far, the YouTuber has released five out of the six promised videos where the iPhone 6 Plus gets destroyed. Follow the source link to check out tomorrow’s video, if you want to see another iPhone 6 Plus biting the dust.

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