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Apple iPhone 6 goes torn to bits by iFixit too

The time for the iPhone 6 teardown is now upon us and we get to see the phone’s innards for the first time. As per usual, it is done by the professionals over at iFixit, who have rated the phone 7/10 for repairability, just like its biger brother.

The teardown gurus didn’t like the proprietary pentalobe screws used by Apple and express their objection of Apple not sharing repair information with independent repair shops.

On the upside, the 1,810 mAh battery removals process is straightforward and the display assembly comes out of the phone first, which makes repairing a damaged screen easier than it used to with older models. To finish off, the fingerprint sensor cable has been rerouted and thus making the phone safer to open than the iPhone 5s.

On a more technical note, the teardown showcases the main logic board of the iPhone 6. It consists of the Apple A8 (APL1011) system-on-a-chip, which neighbors the SK Hynix RAM of 1GB. On its back, there’s the 16GB NAND flash chip, which is made by Sandisk.

The teardown also reveals some tidbits such as the new and, presumably, improved vibrator assembly. It is with a linear oscillating design compared to the iPhone 5/5s counterweight design.



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