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iPad deliveries in the UK arrive a day early, stores start selling them tommorow

The iPad has cometh. To the UK anyway but it’s a day early. All the more reason for people on Twitter to brag about it, it seems…

Many people throughout the UK are reporting (there’s A LOT of tweets about it) that they’ve already received their eagerly awaited tablet. That’s a day early from what was expected.

Brick and mortar stores – Apple’s own stores along with Currys and PC World – will open their doors, stock full of iPads. If you haven’t pre-ordered one, this is your chance to get an iPad. Apple’s stores open at 8AM and there’s a large crowd expected, so don’t be late.

In the US, Apple managed to sell a million iPads under a month and analysts expect Apple will ramp up production to nearly double the current numbers starting September as the iPad becomes available in more and more markets.



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