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Impressive Canon EOS 1D Mark IV high-ISO shots appear

The Canon EOS 1D Mark IV still has a pre-order status at most online shops but some lucky fellas have already gotten their hands on one of those babies. The professional photographer John Deeb is among the chosen ones and he has been kind enough to share some high-ISO shots taken with the new APS-H flagship (APS-H is the name of the peculiar Canon sensor with a 1.3x crop factor).

Canon EOS 1D Mark IV

There are at least several things wrong with the test that I can see – the exposure varies from frame to frame and the focus shifts forwards and backwards, not to mention that the subject moves slightly. Yet with the information and samples being so scarce we cannot afford to be too picky. As usual Canon didn’t publish any official sample photos taken in complete darkness so these are very welcome indeed.

Canon EOS 1D Mark IVCanon EOS 1D Mark IVCanon EOS 1D Mark IVCanon EOS 1D Mark IVCanon EOS 1D Mark IVCanon EOS 1D Mark IVCanon EOS 1D Mark IV

The ISO 6400 shot is perfectly clean (downsized to this resolution anyway) and even the ISO 12800 one is good for most purposes. As was to be expected, the high-ISO results aren’t as impressive as the ones of Nikon D3s (it’s a full-frame body, after all). But the Canon 1D mark IV has higher nominal resolution and Full HD video recording over its rival so it can defend its turf alright.



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