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Huawei Watch goes on pre-order for $387/€427

There was some uncertainty about the Huawei Watch price, but you can pre-order one. Unfortunately, the shipping date is not listed yet.

Interestingly, the leather wristband version is more expensive than the metal band version – for most other smartwatches it’s the other way around.

These prices come from MobileFun, which lists North American, European and Oceanian prices.

In the US the Huawei Watch is priced at $387 with a metal band, $452 with a leather band. The metal bands versions come in Black or Silver, the leather one in Gold. In Canada the numbers are CAD 477 and CAD 556.

In Europe, Spain at least, the Watches are €427 and €498 respectively. UK prices are £300 and £350.

In Australian dollars the Huawei Watch costs AUD 495 and AUD 577, while New Zealanders can expect to pay NZD 534 or NZD 618.

We met this beauty at the MWC, here are our hands-on impressions.



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