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Huawei promo game lets you win a Mercedes-Benz Coupe

Huawei has launched a new promotional campaign called “Unlock Possibilities”, which gives you the chance to win the grand prize – one of the two Mercedes-Benz Coupes. The promo game is on Huawei’s Facebook page and is free to enter.

Apart from the grand prize, you can also snatch an Ascend P6 smartphone, vouchers, in-game points and E-Points. The latter can be exchanged at Huawei’s website for vouchers at select retail partners. The game itself may sound complicated at first, but its quite simple.

Once you’ve liked the company’s Facebook page, you get 1000 points, which you get to spend on unlocking boxes. Once unlocked, you can check if the content of the box matches what’s displayed on the outside of it – you’re one step closer to winning the prize. Now is the time to invite a friend with whom to share the next level in the game. There, you both have to unlock another box. If both unlocked sides display the same prize icon – you both win it.

The part where you win a Mercedes-Benz Coupe sports car is a bit tricky, so watch the full video below to have all the rules explained to you by Huawei Santa. Good luck!



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