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Project Spartan browser benchmarked, found to be pretty fast

A technical preview of Windows 10 was made available for download and now benchmarks of MIcrosoft’s new Internet Explorer Project Spartan web browser are available.

Done by AnandTech, the benchmark results reveal that Project Spartan is noticeably faster than Internet Explorer 11 and in some tests even outruns Chrome and Firefox.

Project Spartan is put JavaScript and HTML5 tests including Sunspider, Octane, Kraken, Oor Online, WebXPRT and HTML5Test. You can check out the results from the testing below.

Benchmark IE Old IE Experimental Chrome 40 Firefox 35 Percentage Change
Sunspider (lower is better) 149.7ms 144.6ms 260.9ms 220.1ms 3.4%
Octane 2.0 (higher is better) 9861 17928 17474 16508 81.8%
Kraken 1.1 (lower is better) 3781.2ms 2077.5ms 1992.8ms 1760.4ms 45.1%
WebXPRT (higher is better) 913 1083 1251 1345 18.6%
Oort Online (higher is better) 1990 2170 5370 3900 9%
HTML5Test (higher is better) 339 344 511 449 1.5%

In the JavaScript oriented Kraken and Google Octane 2.0, Project Spartan scores a massive boost by 45.1% and 81.8%, respectively. It comes a lot closer to Google Chrome than Internet Explorer has ever been. However, the HTML5 compatibility of the new browser still needs a lot of work as it comes at 344 points, whereas Chrome and Firefox have 511 and 449 points, respectively.

Microsoft is still heavily developing the browser, so it’s bound to become better as Windows 10 travels the road to its final build.



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