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Camera speed comparison: HTC One X vs Sony Xperia S vs Samsung Galaxy Nexus

When HTC announced their One X flagship smartphone at the MWC in February, it made a pretty big deal of its camera. A couple of the features that got most attention were its ability to shoot 4 full-resolution frames per second up to 99 shots and go from locked stat to taking a picture in just 0.7 seconds.

There’s no denying this sounds impressive, but experience has thought us to take PR talk a pinch of salt and believe nothing until it’s properly tested. Luckily, tech blog SoyaCincau helped us with that, pitting the One X camera against those of the Sony Xperia S and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and filming the whole thing. Their findings were quite interesting, so we suggest you check them out.

First, the camera start-up speed was tested from both sleep state and the homescreen to show which camera app will launch and take a photo the fastest. After that, the burst mode of the three smartphones was put to the test.

As you can see, the results are quite mixed. Despite boasting a sleep-to-first-shot time of just 0.7 seconds the One X wasn’t a match for the Xperia S Fast Capture and its dedicated camera button. The One X still managed to beat the Galaxy Nexus, though.

As for the second challange, the burst mode of the HTC One X was a clear winner. Even the Zero Shutter Lag feature on the Galaxy Nexus couldn’t help it compete with the HTC new flagship.



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