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HTC One (M9) “Hima” to come with additional DotView colors

More rumors regarding the HTC One (M9) “Hima” are inbound and the latest round of them is concerning the DotView case. According to @upleaks, HTC is going to out additional DotView colors for the phone’s launch.

The colors in question are turquoise and yellow and they’ll presumably join the already existing blue, black, dark red and orange options. There’s no information yet about the accessory’s pricing, but we assume it’s going to remain $49.99.

For your convenience, we gave a shot at coloring the DotView case in the aforementioned new colors for you to check out how it looks. Fresh is definitely a word we’d use to describe them.

Alleged photo of the One (M9) and One (M9) Plus leaked a couple of days ago revealing a familiar design. We’ll know more about the device pretty soon as the company announces the phone at the “Utopia in progress” event.



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