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HTC continues publishing device source codes

The latest additions to the long list of HTC devices, whose source code has been made public, just got even longer. The 18 new additions cover various versions of 6 devices, among which previous flagships such as the HTC Sensation and Sensation XE.

The list continues with smartphones of the likes of the US-only HTC Vivid and myTouch 4G Slide plus the elderly Desire HD and the still hot-off-the-press HTC One V.

Of course, the source code, as it is, is useless to end users, but here’s hoping enthusiastic developers will work night and day on those, churning up custom ROMs one after the other. There’s nothing like bringing a fresh new lease of life to an older device by optimizing it with a custom firmware.

The released myTouch 4G Slide and Desire HD code is only Gingerbread, but the code for the rest is based on the Ice Cream Sandwich.

I can bet, the guys over at the XDA-Devs forum are already having a ball.



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