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HTC BoomBass is a portable Bluetooth subwoofer looking to add some bass to your flimsy phone speakers

Along with the HTC Desire 601 and Desire 300 today, HTC also introduced a curious Bluetooth accessory, called HTC BoomBass. Now, portable Bluetooth speakers come a dime a dozen but this one is not a full-range speaker. Instead, it’s only a subwoofer, designed to amplify the bass sounds only.

The tiny subwoofer measures 64 x 64 x 64mm and HTC says it’s a great match for its range of smartphones, which have a set of already great sounding stereo speakers (BoomSound), but lack the punch you only get from proper bass. Current smartphones, featuring the said dual speakers setup are the HTC one, the HTC Desire 600 dual sim and even the just announced HTC Desire 601.

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Outside the obvious, the portable subwoofer measures and has NFC for quick Bluetooth pairing. The operating range over the Bluetooth connection is 10m and the embedded 1200mAh rechargeable battery should provide up to 9h of continuous playback.

HTC BoomBass will be available starting mid-October.

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