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HP whips out a renewed, reclined TouchSmart PC series with 9300 Elite and 610

Today HP announced the TouchSmart 610 and 9300 Elite, part of the refreshed line of all-in-one TouchSmart PCs.

What’s novel about the two new all-in-one TouchSmart computers from HP is that they can have their screen recline to help with touch usability (it’s awkward to touch control a vertical monitor). The TouchSmart 9300 Elite has a screen, which reclines to a 60-degree angle, while the TouchSmart 610 supports only a 30-degree recline of its screen.

Now for the juicy specs. Both the 9300 Elite and the 610 enjoy a 23-inch LED backlit 1080p screen and can pack up to 16GB of DD3 RAM.

Powered by a range of Core i3 through Core i7 processors and running on Windows 7, the TouchSmart 9300 Elite (pictured above) is primarily aimed at business users. Its main idea is to be placed in kiosks, hotels, banks and other public places. It supports up to 1TB hard drive or an optional 160 GB SSD and as far as graphics goes, gamers won’t be pleased, since both the 9300 Elite and 610 run on integrated Intel graphics chips.

HP TouchSmart 9300 Elite demonstrating its reclining screen

The base 610 model, on the other hand, which is aimed at the mass user, starts with a 3.2Ghz Core i3 processor, 4GB of RAM and 750GB of hard drive space. If you want something with a little bit more oomph, the TouchSmart 610 is upgradable to a Core i5 and 6GB of RAM.

Both the 9300 Elite and 610 will pack a Blu-Ray drive, SD card reader and a 2MP webcam.

HP TouchSmart 610

HP will start shipping the new TouchSmart 610 model in February 9 with a starting price tag of $900. As for the 9300 Elite, it will be available by the end of May. Unfortunately, no pricing information is available yet, but it’s expected it to be more expensive than the 610.



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