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How would you like to go flying with a Jet-Wings in the Grand Canyon? [VIDEO]

Imagine owning your own jet pack complete with a set of paragliding wings. Where would you go flying? Former Swiss Air Force pilot just took on the Grand Canyon with one, so I guess, the sky is the limit with this rig.

Yves “Jetman” Rossy, a 51-year-old daredevil from Switzerland, blasted away over the Grand Canyon on Tuesday in his self-designed jet-wing. It’s got four modified jet engines, which are more than enough for him to reach up to 190 miles per hour (that’s 305 km/h).

After jumping off a helicopter and flying for eight minutes and making early birds scratch their heads in surprise Rossy fired up his parachute and safely touched the ground. Mind you, this isn’t the first success the jet-wing project has had. In 2008, the currently working as a commercial pilot for Swiss International Airlines Yves Ross used it to cross the English Channel.

Enough back-story, it’s time to check out the awesome video.



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