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GoPro HD Hero2 released, brings twice the processing power of its predecessor

Recently bought the original GoPro HD Hero? Kept the receipt, did you? The HD Hero2 has now launched and boy does it bring some nice upgrades.

For starters, the new HD Hero2 boasts improved lens, which GoPro says, is two times sharper than that of the original HD Hero. And that’s just the start.

The HD Hero2, just like it’s predecessor, shoots 1080p 16:9 video, but now you also have the option to reduce its field of view. With the Hero2 you can choose between shooting with wide (170º), medium (127º) or narrow (90º) FOV at 30fps. New addition to the shooting modes is the 120fps WVGA with wide FOV, which lets you capture some slow-motion goodness.

The sensor is also all shiny and new and promises to shoot up to ten 11MP photos in one second in burst mode and one 11MP photo every 0.5 in timelapse mode. And if you’ve been itching to take it out with you at night, you’d be glad to know that GoPro have significantly improved the low-light performance of their camcorder.

GoPro will also launch their WiFi BacPac, which is going to let you broadcast your adventures over Wi-Fi. Pretty neat. What’s even better is all the accessories for the original HD Hero will fit the new Hero2 as well.

The HD Hero2 costs a cent under $300 and comes in three different editions: Outdoor, Motorsport and Surf each coming with different accessories to fit the occasion. As for its older brother, it’s still available for sale with a price ranging from $200 to $240.

Oh, if you are unfamiliar what the HD Hero family of cameras is capable of, here’s a short video demonstrating the powers of the original HD Hero.

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