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Google sets up Inactive Account Manager to help you manage your digital footprint after you die

Google has set up an Inactive Account Manager giving you the option to choose what happens with your digital footprint after you’ve passed away or have been inactive for a specific amount of time.

After you set your timeout period (ranging from 3 months to 1 year) you’ll then be prompted to point up to 10 trusted friends or family members to be notified of your inactivity. Additionally, they can also get data you’ve specified to be shared with them. There’s also the option of your account biting the dust completely without leaving any traces.

Notably, if you simply forgot to log in to your Google account, the search giant will alert you your account is about to expire, so the new feature shouldn’t lead to accounts getting deleted by accident.

If you wish, instruct Google to delete your account once all requested actions have been completed. All data associated with your products will be deleted, this includes your publicly shared data like YouTube videos, Google+ posts or blogs on Blogger.

You can set up your Google Inactive Account Manager by following the source link below.

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