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Google rolls out the Knowledge Graph, the smartest search of them all

Starting today, Google is introducing its latest gen search technology. Moving away from keyword indexing, the Knowledge graph makes a transition to a world of entities, nodes and relationships. As they put it, Google will now try and search for “things, not strings”.

In the past 2 years Google has been working on the information database for the project and not it’s gathered “more than 3.5 billion facts about and relationships between these different objects”. In simple words, Google will recognize ambiguous search strings by understanding they might mean several things and it will adjust your search results based on your choice of topic. Still sounds vague? Well, watch this video that will hopefully explain it better than me.

Intriguing, eh? It looks like we’re witnessing the future of web search making its baby steps before our eyes.

The new Google Knowledge graph will be gradually rolled out to English-language searches across the world in the next few days.

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