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Google opens its Inbox email app to everyone, updates it with Trip Bundles and Undo Send features

The Inbox email app, which was launched by Google back in October last year and was invite-only, is now open to everyone. The announcement was made by the Mountain View, California-based company in a blog post.

The company has also updated the app with various new features. Chief among them is a feature dubbed Trip Bundles which, as the name suggests, clubs all emails related a trip into a single bundle. It also makes sure that the most important details (like flight times and hotel reservation numbers) are available the instant you open the app.

Another interesting feature is the ability to take back an email right after sending it. So, the next time you spot a mistake in your email after sending it, you can use the Undo Send feature to rectify the mistake and send the email again. Aside from this, you can now also make ‘Delete’ the default swiping action, and add a custom signature.

Moving on, any Reminders that you create in Keep will now appear in Inbox. Also, when someone emails you a to-do, the app might suggest adding a Reminder so you don’t forget. Finally, you’ll now also be able to open your HotelTonight or Eat24 reservations and food orders within their app, directly from Inbox.



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