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Google introduces Gesture Search for Android, shares tips on using Buzz

Google Labs has always been a source of interesting apps and they’ve done it yet again – they’ve created gesture search for Android, which is something like the alphabet search feature we’ve seen before, except better. And the Google Mobile blog share 5 quick tips for making a better use Google Buzz on you phone…

Gesture Search lets you search through lists by scrawling a letter or two on the screen. It can search through the contact list, the installed applications, bookmarks and music tracks.

Here’s a quick example of how it works – write the first letter (in this case an “A” that looks more like an “H”) and all the contacts starting with “H” or “A” pop up. You can write another letter to refine the search. There are also gestures to erase the last letter (swipe left) or clear the search (swipe right).

Google Gesture Search for AndroidGoogle Gesture Search for AndroidGoogle Gesture Search for Android
Gesture Search for Android

Gesture Search is available for Android 2.0 and up for the US, you can download it from the Android Market.

Now, the Google Buzz tips. They teach you five neat tricks for the Buzz web app (, which is the best option for using Google Buzz on iPhones and Android 2.0+ devices right now.

Five tips for Google Buzz mobileFive tips for Google Buzz mobileFive tips for Google Buzz mobileFive tips for Google Buzz mobile
Some tips on how to use Google Buzz on a mobile phone

The first two tips show you how to search for a specific place to tag your post with and how to learn more about a location that has been used to tag a post. The third tip explains how do either a private or a public post, the fourth shows how to start following someone from one of their public post. The final tip is about the time-saving auto-complete feature that expands @user to automatically.

Check out the tips in more detail here.

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