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Google +1 service is available for testing, go try it yourself

It was just a few days ago when Google announced the +1 vote for the search results. Well now it is already available for testing, you just need to go to Google Labs and activate it.

The best part of the +1 idea is far away from the social scene though. Google will record every +1 vote to a specific website and will use that data to improve its search results.

The +1 will be a new way of sharing links. Every +1 vote is recorded in your Google profile and your friends (in case you set the +1 visibility to public) will be able to see the sites you liked.

You may be wondering what’s the difference between the Buzz’s Like and the +1 vote. Well here are a few:

  • It sounds more appropriate. How would it sound if you “liked” a news about the tsunami in Japan for example. Yes, it sounds wrong. The +1 is a better way to share a link – it’s a recommendation, not an approval.
  • You can view all yours +1s as well as those of your friends – something you can’t do on Facebook.
  • Google will have another source of information about which sites are good and bring them higher up in the results list for subsequent searches.

Best case scenario – Google will finally make its profiles popular and will extend its power over the social services. Worst case scenario – it will improve its search results because of the +1 votes. Whatever happens – we, end-users, will probably be happy about it.



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