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Gestures Beta for Windows Phone automatically mutes your mic, puts call on speaker

Aside from the Glance Screen update we just reported on, Microsoft has something else for Windows Phone fans today. It is, in fact, a new app, currently in Beta. It’s called Gestures, and it automates some tasks based on how you hold or move your phone.

It lets you control some of your phone’s functions without needing to touch the display. The first release, the one which is now available to download from the Windows Phone store, focuses on calls.

Thus, it allows you to answer a call by simply picking up your phone and putting it to your ear. If you place your handset on a flat surface with the screen facing down, your mic will be muted during a call. If you place it on a flat surface with the screen up, then speaker mode will be engaged automatically. Finally, you can silence the incoming call by flipping the device display down while it’s ringing.

As this is a Beta, obviously there can be bugs here and there, keep that in mind. Also note that Microsoft says the Lumia 530, 630, and 635 can only benefit from “limited functionality” in the Gestures app (though exactly what that means isn’t detailed in its listing, so if you own one of these devices you’ll need to try it and see for yourself).



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