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Futuremark gives HTC One (M8) the boot for cheating

The new HTC One (M8) does well in benchmarks, perhaps too well. Futuremark, makers of the popular 3DMark benchmark, have caught wind that HTC’s new flagship cheats when it detects a benchmark and delisted the device.

The same thing happened to HTC’s previous flagship, Samsung’s too (but Samsung phones were brought back after a software update disabled the boosting).

Futuremark contacted us with clarification on why the HTC One (M8) was pushed down to the bottom of the chart. The benchmark maker wants to measure real-world performance rather than the ideal case.

HTC tried to spin this as a feature to extract the best possible performance out of the CPU and the GPU by bumping up clock speed, which should be available for games as well as benchmarks.

Still, Futuremark is having none of it and claims that the benchmark boost doesn’t result in a fair comparison with other phones. The benchmark team hopes this will persuade HTC to disable this questionable feature.

You can view all results, including the list of delisted phones here (scroll to the bottom for the HTC One (M8) and other phones in the dog house).


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