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Flopsy Droid takes the Flappy Bird concept to Android Wear

The first Flappy Bird clone for Android Wear devices is here, and it’s already available for free in the Google Play Store. It’s called Flopsy Droid, and it takes the successful Flappy Bird concept to your wrist.

The game is intended to be played on Android wearables, so you’ll need to have one of those already paired with your smartphone in order to enjoy it.

In this Flappy Bird clone, there’s no bird to be seen anywhere. It’s been replaced by the Android robot, which you must navigate through those familiar pipes. Apparently the game performs pretty well on the first batch of Android Wear devices, such as the LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live. The former of those has just been made available across the world yesterday.

Flappy Bird took the world by storm a few months ago, becoming a hit in both the iTunes App Store for iOS as well as Google Play. Since the original was taken down by its developer, dozens of clones have surfaced, yet Flopsy Droid is the very first one targeting Android Wear smartwatches. The full source code for the game is available at GitHub.



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