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Impressive gameplay trailer for SHADOWGUN surfaces, Android and iOS to get it in September, can’t wait

We told you about the Android-exclusive third-person shooter game SHADOWGUN last month, but then we could only admire the screenshots. Now, however, the developer Madfinger Games has released a three-minute trailer, which honestly will make you wonder how could this possibly be played on Android.

The answer to this is NVIDIA’s upcoming quad-core Tegra Kal-El chipset, which gets a lot of attention lately and for a reason. SHADOWGUN takes full advantage of the advanced graphic capabilities of the Kal-El chipset and as you can see from the trailer below runs more than well utilizing the four cores like it should. To the max.

Yes, I know it looks amazing. According to its developers at Madfinger Games we should expect the game to hit TegraZone first in September. Does that mean we’ll have a Kal-El device available by then?

The Apple App Store will follow soon after that.



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