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Facebook rolls out high-resolution photo viewing plus a full-screen view mode

Following its update of the Photo viewer back in February, Facebook starts rolling out a new feature to allow viewing pictures in even higher resolution.

That is, if you have a monitor big enough to show the high-res photo in all of its glory. And if you do, from now on you could see photos up to four times larger than before.

Another treat awaits those who use Firefox or Chrome. They’ll be presented with the option to view photos in full-screen mode and hide comments, ads, and focus on the photo itself.

To do so, all you need to do is click on the arrows icon on the top right corner of a photo. It’ll be interesting to see how this would affect Facebook’s main revenue source – ads. After all, the Photos section of the social network is among the most visited ones and giving user the option to bypass ads is brave.

Not to mention the extra load Facebook’s servers will take due to the higher resolution photos being displayed. Facebook doesn’t seem concerned about this, and even brag about the improved sRGB profile they’ll treat uploaded photos to make them look even better.

What do you think of the new features Facebook has given its Photo viewer? Yay or nay?



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