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Facebook improves Graph Search with status and post support

Facebook’s personalized Graph Search has been updated to include statuses and posts by people sharing with you.

Once the feature rolls out to you, you’d be able to search for posts, status updates, photo captions, comments, check-ins, etc. which have been shared with you by friends or publicly shared by people you follow.

You can search for posts about a locations, such as city or a popular landmark (like Eiffel Tower, etc.). You will also be able to search for a time frame – like posts by my friends from last month.

New Facebook Graph Search

One of the neat new features is search for things you’ve interacted with. For example you can search for things you’ve commented on or your own posts from, say, last year.

The new features are gradually rolling out to Graph Search so until you get it, you’ll receive a message saying “Status search is not yet supported”.



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