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Facebook App Center goes live

The Facebook App Center that we talked about before has now gone live. Currently, it is only available on the web version of Facebook but it should soon arrive on iOS and Android as well.

Like we said before, the App Center will house all the web apps and games that you currently play on Facebook in one place and also add mobile apps to the mix. However, unlike other mobile app stores, the Facebook App Center won’t actually house the mobile apps but will direct you to the application stores of their respective platforms.

What this means is that now if you click on Instagram on the App Center and click ‘Send to Mobile’, you will get a notification on your iOS or Android device (assuming you have the Facebook mobile app installed). Clicking the notification launches the mobile app and from there you are directed to the App Store or the Play Store respectively. If you already have Instagram installed on your phone, it will simply launch the app instead of taking you to the store.

As for the web apps and games, it’s the same as before. The app/game will launch in your browser and from there you can interact with it just as you did before. With the launch of the App Center, you will also be able to access paid apps which you couldn’t do before.

Currently, the list of total apps and games available stands at a lowly 600. The apps that you see are suggested based on your and your friend’ activity in the past. As we said before, the App Center won’t be competing against the likes of the App Store and Play Store but would rather be directing users to them. We guess it’s a clever move for bringing the social side of Facebook to the said appstores, most of which lack proper sharing capabilities.

The App Center has started rolling out and should be available in most regions by now.



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