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Evasi0n jailbreak now powers more than 14 million iOS 6.x devices

Evasi0n’s jailbreak has been one of the most popular tools to jailbreak any Apple device. The recently launched jailbreak tool for iOS 6.x had been used to hack more than 7 million iOS devices in just about four days and the tool now runs on over 14 million Apple devices.

According to a tweet from pod2g, one of the team members of Evad3rs, who are responsible for the jailbreak, has revealed the latest stats of the tool. The tweet also disclosed that the Evasi0n jailbreak (all versions) is now running on more than 23 million unique iDevices.

Bad news is Apple is expected to kill the evasi0n jailbreak and patch all the exploits the jailbreak tool relies on in its upcoming iOS update.



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