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Apple iOS 6.1.3 beta 2 kills evasi0n jailbreak, iOS 6.1.2 passcode hacked

Apple’s upcoming iOS 6.1.3, currently in its second beta, patches an exploit on which the popular all-round jailbreaking tool evasi0n relies. In other words when the update comes outр it could bring the evasi0n jailbreak to a stop, indefinitely.

The exploit, a flaw in the OS’ time zone settings, is one of the five exploits evasi0n relies on to jailbreak phones. Information has been confirmed and comes from @planetbeing (Davind Wang) who’s on the evad3rs team.

So if the jailbreak is dear to you, when iOS 6.1.3 comes out, you shouldn’t be tempted. Otherwise, there’s no telling how long it will take, if at all, before a new jailbreak comes around.

On a related note – relentless minds have found out another way to evade the iPhone’s passcode. Only this time, anyone using the exploit gets access to more than just your Phone app.

This video shows the process in action. It’s really complicated to achieve but once successfully done, someone motivated enough can plug the phone into a computer and extract photos and other sensitive data.

Bypassing the passcode works very similarly to before but this time involves the screenshot taking command.

The good thing is that the hacking process is so complicated and tricky that not many common thieves would be acquainted with it. Then again, not all users have passcode enabled at all.

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