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Eager Apple fans are already getting in line in Regent Street

Hoards of tech-heads pushing their faces up against the shop front glass with wide eyes, longing for the doors to open must be a familiar sight for Apple retail staff the world over.

Ali and Zohaib

The act of queuing for a new Apple product has almost become an event in itself, a place for fans to reaffirm their excitement amongst each other. Now, despite there still being a few more days before the new iPad’s arrival, queues have already started forming at major stores such as Apple’s Regent Street store in central London.

Since Sunday, the two keen Apple faithfuls seen above have set up camp in preparation of the iPad’s impending availability. It’s not uncommon for fans to begin forming queues a few days ahead of launch, but Ali and Zohaib seen here, have come prepared for a weeks worth of waiting, almost.

So immediate was their desire to ensure they were at the front of the queue, they omitted some essential items needed for their extended stay at 235 Regent Street, “My parents are turning up later with sleeping bags” Zohaib explained.

It’s our understanding that at the time of writing, these two avid fans of Apple’s next tab are still the only two on the scene and waiting in line, but chances are, with only three days standing in the way of product availability and pre-orders now delayed too, that fact is likely to change very quickly and very soon.

Is this a level of fandom you can relate to or do you typically wait until the crowds have dissipated before picking up a similarly popular product?



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