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CyanogenMod devs gets free Galaxy S II from Samsung, work on CM7 for S II underway

Samsung earned some serious brownie points – all four of the CyanogenMod devs that work on Samsung ports (“teamhacksung”) received a free Samsung Galaxy S II to help them develop a version of the Mod for Samsung’s new flagship.!/atinm/status/77754348758773760

One of the devs, Atin, explains that they can only port CyanogenMod to phones they have available – and now they can add the Galaxy S II to that list. It’s still early to tell when the Mod will be ready but rest assured it’s in the works.

The CyanogenMod team asked Samsung for a few samples though they didn’t expect to receive any – they usually rely on community donations or their own money to get new models. Samsung however obliged to the team’s surprise – they say it’s a first for a company to give custom ROM developers free units.

Atin also mentioned that Samsung can’t release parts of the source code for their devices since they are under Non-Disclosure Agreements to keep the source for some parts (like drivers for the non-Samsung chips) under wraps. They do release what they can but it’s still hard for custom ROM devs.

Work on CyanogenMod for Galaxy S (and its variants) continues, which is good news to those who haven’t upgraded to the new Galaxy S II.

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