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Control a real robot with your Android device thanks to the Android ADK [VIDEO]

Yesterday’s announcement of the Android’s Open Accessory Development Kit (ADK) at the first day of Google I/O conference in San Francisco opened the door to a potential flood of ingenious robotics experiments all based on Android. In other words, how would you like to control a robot with your Android smartphone?

The conference opening speech offered a demo of a real-life labyrinth game powered by the ADK hardware and software kit. As it turns out, the ADK can be utilized by far more ambitious projects such as this actual Android robot and this real remote controlled piano.

The robot in the first video is controlled by a Google Nexus S and yeah, making a robot like that is a lot harder than it looks. On the conference floor we also saw demo with a piano played remotely from a tablet. I guess it wasn’t a walk in the park to make that one either. The videos, courtesy of Android Central, are worth a thousand words. Check them out.

What do you think would be the most interesting uses of this new ADK?



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