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Check out some of the upcoming features of the BlackBerry 10 keyboard

Touchscreen keyboards have come a long way, but RIM are working hard to make the keyboard on BlackBerry 10 stand out from the pack. To showcase just how much thought and effort went into the process, the company’s Vivek Bhardwaj gives us a short walkthrough of the new BB10 keyboard.

He shares some of the new features the keyboard sports, one of the most prominent being the automatic addition of spaces between words. This way you can literally skip adding spaces between words, or in case you accidentally miss doing so, and the keyboard will recognize this and add them automatically. As put in RIM’s blog, you can keep your train of thought and not waste time going back and adding spaces.

There are also a few other features that Bhardwaj highlights, including the visual design of the keyboard and personalized vocabulary suggestions. Check it out:

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