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Canonical releases Ubuntu and Android dual boot developer preview

Canonical has managed to give Ubuntu enthusiasts a nice Chrimasts present. Developers and advanced users can now download a special preview image of Ubuntu Touch which can dual boot Android.

Yes, you can now have both Ubuntu Touch and Android on a single smartphone with the option to easily switch between the two. Canonical says the image is suitable only for those who are comfortable with flashing custom firmwares on their devices.

Currently, the dual-boot Ubuntu image works well with AOSP or stock versions of Android as well as CyanogenMod ones. Booting backwards and forwards between OSes isn’t done by key combinations or tricky procedures, but rather with apps with a simple UI.

The Android app that Canonical has provided manages the installation of Ubuntu, as well as updates and rebooting into the Linux distribution.Vice-versa, there’s a corresponding app in Ubuntu Touch that handles rebooting in Android.

If you’re feeling adventurous follow these steps to install Ubuntu Touch dual boot on your Android smartphone. Make sure to read the instructions twice before attempting anything. Good luck!



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