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You can now run almost all Android apps on Chrome OS

A week ago, Google unveiled the Chrome OS support for certain Android apps. Now, thanks to a custom tool for Chrome OS, you can install any Android app you like, not just a select few.

Called chrome-apk, the tool requires a bit of tinkering to install, but is well worth it if you don’t have the intention to wait for Google to promote the the new Chrome OS App Runtime out of beta.

There are some limitation to the new tool, such as only 4 Android apps can run at a time. That’s because chrome-apk creates an extension that for each app you install replaces an existing one. Evidently, you’ll have to install all four applications that Google made available for this to work.

The developer of the tool shot a video to show how an Android app using his tool runs on Chrome OS.

You can find more information by checking out the source link below.

Source | ViaVia (2)


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