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Blackberry Messenger 6 is out, has become even more social

The Blackberry Messenger is among the finest proprietary mobile instant messaging service out there, backed by a strong and dedicated crowd of followers. With the latest update of the app, the folks from RIM have kept all the familiar goodness, and added several new features, which have made the latest iteration of BBM even more social.

Now on with the new stuff. Blackberry Messenger now features compatibility with some of your smartphone’s apps. These compatible apps have been dubbed “BBM-connected”. You can communicate with your BBM friends directly from the app you are using, and invite them over to join your experience. There is also a new profile feed, which allows you to share game scores, etc., and click to download an app which someone else has shared.

All in all, it looks like RIM is seriously trying to make its users download and use more apps respectively. This is by all means a great idea, albeit one which should have been implemented a couple of years ago. It will be interesting to observe if this update of Blackberry Messenger will help RIM in increasing the download rate of the apps for Blackberry OS, an area where the Canadian company is well behind the competition, as well as getting itself out of its recent troubles.

If you have already downloaded the new version of BBM, feel free to share your experience in the comments section below. In case you are a Blackberry owner, and you still haven’t updated your messenger, hit the source link for download instructions.



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