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Barnes & Noble launches new Nook Glowlight

Barnes & Noble has launched an updated version of the Nook Glowlight e-reader. Aimed to directly compete with Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite, the new Nook Glowlight is a notable improvement over its predecessor in almost every way imaginable.

For starters, the updated Nook Glowlight is lighter, tipping the scales at just 175 grams – in comparison, the Kindle Paperwhite weighs 213 grams. B&N has also managed to get rid of the annoying screen flashes that trouble other eBook readers..

The screen now packs 62% more pixels than the previous Nook Glowlight, according to Barnes & Noble. The eBook reader also features a new white color as well. On the software end the Glowlight got improved recommendation system, which now features insights from booksellers that should help you discover new content.

The new Nook Glowlight retails for $119 with its software free of ads. On paper at least, it’s well worth the $20 extra over the older model.



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