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Apple Smart Cover busted, seems like a copy of someone else’s idea

The Apple iPad 2 rocked the tech world a couple of days ago, when it became official. Along with the new iPad 2, Apple presented the Smart Cover – a seemingly must-have accessory to protect your iPad 2. However, a sleek idea like that was bound to go under the scrutiny of the press and the blogger’s community. And as it turned out, Apple’s Smart Cover may be borrowed or totally copied from elsewhere.

Not only that but the possible source of the Smart Cover is not one, there are two. The first is an accessory designer – Incase, who have a very similar product for the exact same purpose – protecting your device. It’s almost uncanny a resemblance. It’s practically the same.

Now price-wise the Apple Smart Cover costs $40 or $70 depending on the material you’re getting. The Incase cover is $50. And it doesn’t magnetically attach to the iPad, it uses snap-on rubber side-grips to hug the iPad.

The second source of debate can be scratched right off. But we guess it still deserves mentioning. We are talking about these very interesting bathtub covers, which look just like the Smart Cover. As you’ll see even the default color is the same. There must be something going on there.

Is Apple going to respond, we’ll have to wait and see. For detailed pictures of the Incase iPad 2 case you can head right to the first source link below.

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