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Asus pokes fun at the Apple watch with a decision tree

Apple’s Spring forward press event is now behind us and while the launch of the Apple Watch was expected, its pricing still managed to surprise some. Whether it’s justifiable has already proven a pointless discussion, so we’ll steer clear from it for the time being.

What’s undeniable though, is that Cupertino’s Watch has become an abundant source of mockery material to industry competitors.

After yesterday’s tweet from HTC senior exec Jeff Gordon, comparing the Apple wearable to a DVD rewinder in terms of usefulness, now it’s Asus’ turn to take on the Apple Watch. The Taiwanese company is being slightly more subtle, and is presenting you a shopping guide comparing its own smartwatch offering, the Zenwatch, to a golden apple (wonder what that might stand for).

Now, when you put it that way, the choice is obvious, but it’s never that simple and we’d be surprised if the Apple Watch doesn’t outsell the Zenwatch by a country mile. Still, Asus needs to be given credit for the refined way it rides the wave of Apple ridicule.



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