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Apple Watch display goes under the Consumer Reports scratch test

We saw the Apple Watch failing quite miserably when it comes to hiding scratches on its shiny stainless steel body. However, the display is a different thing entirely. The Apple Watch comes with two types of display covers, one is the Ion-X on the Apple Watch Sport and the other is the sapphire crystal on the Apple Watch and Apple Watch Edition.

Consumer Reports, which is usually at the forefront of every Applegate issue. has run some scratch tests on both versions of the Apple Watch displays. Their findings weren’t all that surprising. The Ion-X manages to resist scratches from all but the hardest of drills, means it should get through most stuff without getting scratched. The sapphire crystal, on the other hand, couldn’t be scratches with any of the drills Consumer Reports tried on it. Considering sapphire crystal is second only to diamond on the scale of hardness, you’d either need another sapphire crystal tipped drill or a diamond to scratch it.

Unfortunately, the watch itself is nowhere near as strong, so you’d still need to be careful while handling it.


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