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Apple Watch found to be getting scratched easily

Ever picked up an old iPod with a stainless steel back and noticed how the back looks like it was dragged across town? Looks like Apple is using the same stainless steel on the Apple Watch because users have started noticing scratches on it within days of owning it.

Several people are reporting their stainless steel Apple Watch is picking up scratches within days or even hours of using it. The image above is by Michael Kukielka, a.k.a. The DetroitBORG on YouTube, who got scratches on his watch within 24 hours.

It seems the metal is overly soft, with the glossy finish doing it no favors. In comparison, the aluminum Apple Watch Sport doesn’t seem to be having any scratch issues as of now, even though aluminum is a softer metal. This is mostly due to the matte finish of the Sport variant that would hide mine scratches and scuffs more easily.

While it’s not uncommon to see scratches on watches since they get used and abused daily, it’s something that usually happens after months and years of using them, not a couple of days. It remains to be seen how Apple tackles this. If you’re interested in buying the stainless steel variant, I’d suggest you reconsider unless you want to spend all your time mollycoddling your watch. Or at least get the AppleCare plan for it.



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